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BathMate Hydromax Series 9 made in UK with PID verification Code, Bathmate Hydromax Original in Pakistan Penis Pump

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The Hydromax-Series is the next generation Hydropump and generates 35% more power than the Hydro-Series


Bathmate Hydropumps are revolutionary devices for total penile health and penis enlargement, for which they are acknowledged as a world leader. Designed to be used in the bath or shower, they utilise the incredible power of water to support the natural erection of your penis. In addition, regular use of the Bathmate Hydropump keeps the penis in prime condition making for rock hard, longer lasting erections and increased sexual pleasure. Bathmate was born in 2006 when inventor John Oakes created the world’s first penis pump designed to be used specifically in water. A friend of his suffered a serious spinal injury which resulted in him no longer being able to gain and maintain an erection. Being an award winning Mechanical Engineer and expert in hydraulics, John looked at the products that were available on the market and saw that they all had one thing in common. This led to his realization that he could do much, much better. After months of product development John gave the first edition Bathmate to his friend and the results were nothing short of amazing. Not only did it save his marriage, an unexpected side effect from using the pumps was an increase in length and girth of his penis. This led John to believe there was an additional market for his invention.

THE KEY BENEFITS • The Vacuum is created by water which is far more powerful and uniform, allowing for a full and even expansion of the penis. • The patented bellows pump system allows a safe, steady expansion over several stages. Fresh blood flows through the penis during each stage, flushing out the toxins which are a contributor to erectile difficulties. • Results from daily use over a period of time include bigger, harder and longer lasting erections with increased stamina. • The built-in safety mechanism is the elastic recoil of the bellows pump. It is this that generates the vacuum, limiting the amount of force that can be created. • Bathmate pumps are made to create the safe maximum vacuum allowable by the FDA for penis pumps. • Quick and easy to use in the shower or bathtub. Easily becomes part of a daily wash routine.