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Bathmate Hydromax 3 Series available in Pakistan Made in UK with PID verification Code, Buy officially Distributor

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• The Vacuum is created by water which is far more powerful and uniform, allowing for a full and even expansion of the penis. • The patented bellows pump system allows a safe, steady expansion over several stages. Fresh blood flows through the penis during each stage, flushing out the toxins which are a contributor to erectile difficulties. • Results from daily use over a period of time include bigger, harder and longer lasting erections with increased stamina. • The built-in safety mechanism is the elastic recoil of the bellows pump. It is this that generates the vacuum, limiting the amount of force that can be created. • Bathmate pumps are made to create the safe maximum vacuum allowable by the FDA for penis pumps. • Quick and easy to use in the shower or bathtub. Easily becomes part of a daily wash routine. • All pumps are covered by a two year warranty against defective parts or poor workmanship. due to covid-19 return policy closed No return & refund